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File Guard Professional

File Guard Professional

A powerful computer security program that you can use to control access to files, folders,disks.

USB Disk Guard

USB Disk Guard

An encryption software that creates a password to secure confidential data contained in your USB disk.

CD DVD Guard

CD/DVD Guard

A powerful encryption utility that protects your sensitive information on CD/DVD from unauthorized access.

Whole Disk Encryption

Whole Disk Encryption

It provides automatic security for all information on hard drives,for all data on desktops, laptops.

News & Events

[Apr.20th] File Guard Professional 5.0 released.
[Jan.27th] USB Disk Guard 3.0 released.
[Jan.26th] CD/DVD Guard 4.0 released.
[Jan.26th] Whole Disk Encryption 4.0 released.
[Jan.26th] Total Privacy Suite 4.0 released.
[Jan.26th] Virtual Encrypted Disk Pro 3.0 released.
[Jan.25th] Wir arbeiten an einem neuen √∂sterreichischen Casino auf, das in K√ľrze starten wird.
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Useful Tips

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