Help of imlSoft Secure Burn Driver
How to make an encrypted disc?

1:Click "Enable burning encryption" button.
2:Set the password of disc,and Click OK button.
3:Starting your burning software (for example:nero burning software)to burn your data onto an empty disc.After the burning ,the disc will be an encrypted disc.

How to append more data on an encrypted disc?

1:Insert the encrypted disc into one recorder.
2:Click "Decrypt encryped disc" button to decrypt the disc.
3:Click "Enable burning encryption" button to start burning encryption function.
4:Starting your burning software to append data onto the disc.
In order to append data to the encrypted disc,you must know the password to decrypt the disc and use the same password to enable burning encryption function.

How to see the content of the encrypted disc?

1:Click "Decrypt encryped disc" button to decrypt the disc.
2:Enter the password of disc,and Click Decrypt button.

How to share your encrypted disc with your friends?

1:Give your friend the encrypted disc.
2:Give one trial version copy of Secure Burn Driver to your friends.
3:Tell him the password of that disc.