imlSoft File Guard
imlSoft File Guard
There are times when we want our files and folders hidden from others – especially when someone borrows our computer or uses it. imlSoft File Guard allows us to hide those sensitive files and folders so that when someone explores your computer’s drive, they will not see them.
• Compatible with Windows 7
Only $ 29.95
Product Information of imlSoft File Guard


imlSoft File Guard is a software for Windows operating system. It allows you to securely hide folders with your private and sensitive data. Hidden folders can not be viewed or opened in Windows, they are invisible and inaccessible to other users and applications. imlSoft File Guard is designed for personal and commercial use. It is a clean software, does not contain adware or spyware.

Considerations and typical usage of Hide Folders

Folder hiding is a simple way of keeping prying eyes away from your private documents.From a human point of view it's a good solution; what you can't see, you don't know you want.Encrypting a folder can have the opposite effect. The folder is visible and if access is attempted, the need to enter a password positively shouts the message that someone is trying to hide something.

Windows have a folder lock security feature to help users protect data security. However, this integrated function has a lot of shortcomings, it is hardly usable on network because sys admin can easily view the content of the locked folders, anyone who has an access/login on your computer can open locked folders, it doesn't support FAT32 and it doesn't work on Home edition of Windows. Furthermore, locking folders means that all users that has access to your computers can still see those folders, they just can't open them to see files inside. Unfortunately that often opens a can of curiosity and with little searching on internet those unauthorized users can find a way to get around the protection and compromise your security by accessing your personal folders.

imlSoft File Guard, on the other hand is not meant to lock the folders with predefined password, it is meant to simply HIDE them, so no one can even know of their existence. It is simply more efficient not letting anyone know that you even have some confidential folders on the first place. Secondly, you can password protect the application so no one can open imlSoft File Guard to unhide your hidden folders. Remove the imlSoft File Guard from the programs menu and 99% of people wouldn't even know that you have a folder hiding program installed on your system, yet knowing what and where those folders are. Trying to get access to a folders without knowing if they exist, their name and location is incredibly daunting task and for that matter Hide Folders in much safer that integrated Windows locking system.