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Encryption Tools Version Size Download
File Guard v3.4 2.3MB Download imlSoft File Guard From

File Guard Professional
v4.2 3.8MB Download imlSoft File Guard Professional From

USB Disk Guard v2.0 1.4MB Download imlSoft USB Disk Guard From

CD/DVD Guard v3.0 4.3MB Download imlSoft CD/DVD Guard From

Secure Burn Driver v2.5 1MB Download imlSoft Secure Burn Driver From

Whole Disk Encryption v3.0 1MB Download imlSoft Whole Disk Encryption From

System Optimize Tools Version Size Download
RAMDisk App Optimizer v3.3 2MB Download imlSoft RAMDisk App OptimizerFrom
Disk Registry Optimizer
v1.1 2MB Download imlSoft Disk Registry OptimizerFrom
DVD Tools Version Size Download
DVD Movie Backup tools
v2.1 2MB Download imlSoft DVD DVD Movie Backup tools From
Audio Tools Version Size Download
Music Converter Ripper
v3.0 5MB Download imlSoft DVD DVD Movie Backup tools From
Privacy Tools Version Size Download
Total Privacy Suite v3.4 3MB Download imlSoft Total Privacy Suite From

Virtual Encrypted Disk Pro

v2.1 2MB Download imlSoft Virtual Encrypted Disk Pro From

Application Lock

v2.0 1MB Download imlSoft Application Lock From